The dawn of a new old homemaker…

My decision to indulge the ‘stay-at-home-wife/designer’ gene in myself for the first time is like being in wide open spaces after being cooped up for so long… It feels soooo good!


Ok, so first I should clarify that I am not married. Also I acknowledge that I have been rather delinquent in posting the past couple weeks and yet I’m going to jump right in with a bang. I have had a good reason for being MIA with unfortunate Family emergencies and the like. BUT I’ve also been totally distracted because a new hobby has found me.

Since being back I’ve taken to organizing and fixing up aspects of the house room by room and it has just grabbed my attention in a major way. Lo! and behold I have become a design and arts and crafts junkie! I really did not know I had it in me but I think I shall begin tracking my projects and seeing what transformations I can bring about in my new obsession. So pics are on the way, I think those old good housekeeping ladies of yesteryear were really on to something! :).

I also just want to take the time to highlight one of my new fave sites for inspiration therefore…enter “A beautiful mess”.  This site lights me afire just about every time I have opened it so far to a new post. Really check them out!

There is recent project (the statement wall) that I linked to for example which is one that I would’ve never considered and now i’m dying to think of where I can do something similar.

Well thats all for today folks. I just thought I would do a quick check in because I was dying to share my new secret obsession …shhhhh! 😉


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