Do you remember where you were at the time of the Y2K Armageddon craze?

TEOTWAWKI? (image courtesy of The Register and NASA 2012)

I remember everyone was ridiculously anxious, the older people were distrustful of all technology. I remember hearing that we had to unplug all our computers, I anxiously waited for something to happen. However the clock struck 12 and kept on striking. There was no sudden conflagration of explosion. I don’t know who else felt a tad disappointed… But this was just one of the many times we may have been told of some great end point in sight and the cry of ‘Armageddon’ was raised and then nothing… case in point the Mayan calendar debacle of December 2012, when people were apparently on the verge of taking their own lives!

These often serve, after our hearts start beating again and all is calm, to engender a sense of confidence, some may say a false confidence, that all is well and things are still ‘fine’. The world keeps turning and we think we won’t be duped into worrying again. I also find that young people especially tend to ‘wild out’ after these moments. The heightened sense of relief or ‘escape’ can create peak periods of wild excitement because we feel “aha its all foolishness” and we are quite in control of our destiny. Everything else gets put into the category of ‘fairytales’ told to scare and control the weak-minded. It is like that after you have escaped sudden danger and feel that surge of adrenaline like you are invincible. We never seem to remember that moment when the dreaded situation confronted us, the experience of that gut wrenching feeling of shock, fear and regret is rationalised away as sure impending doom flees and all is right in our mind again.

But what if it is not? What legacy are we building today? Is it worth considering, when you think that suppose, just suppose, you are wrong and one day it really will be The End Of The World As We Know It. What will you be left with and who will be prepared to meet it? Even should we think we have a long time before we need to consider these questions or that they are too dire how many of us can guarantee that we will have a tomorrow to consider? How many persons know someone who said goodbye to them or see you later and when they were out of sight never got to see them again? Even should we live to a ripe old age TEOTWAWKI is always right around the corner. It is exemplified in a million moments we can never get back. From the change in relationships that occur from one wrong action where trust is broken never to be returned. To a word said which can never be unsaid or to the upheaval and new patterns wrought by a new job or a move. Our world can change in an instant with so many things. Who thinks they have complete control over every event in their lives and those of their loved ones? Why not choose to make each moment count then…for good and eternity?


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